July 14-16, 2021
Shanghai, China

SinoFlexPack provides excellent opportunities for suppliers to explore new business, broaden brand awareness, demonstrate technological advantages and open doors to global trade.

For one thing, flexible packaging has been paid greater attention in recent years given its advantages of wide application, low cost and high potential of innovation. For another, the industry is also facing more challenges.



1.     Increasingly higher environmental-protection standards raised by the government

To further improve environment sustainability, China has introduced strict policies on VOCs emission. Flexible packaging factory has been imposed stricter requests. 

2.     New challenges along with Plastic Restrictions and Plastic Ban policies

Recyclable and degradable materials have been the development directions for flexible packaging industry since China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Ministry of Ecology and Environment introduced new plastic ban on Jan. 16, 2020.

3.     Narrow profit for flexible packaging manufacturers

Compared to the upstream raw material suppliers and downstream clients which are in the fast speed of transformation, there’s narrow profit for flexible packaging manufacturers.

4.     Increased labor cost

Since the introduction of new Chinese social insurance policy, the labor cost has raised grown fourfold when compared to that of 2010. Increase efficiency by downsizing staff is top priority. 


Increasing Market Demands for

VOCs Treatment

Emission control technologies at the source and terminal, especially high effective solutions for SMEs to reach government standards.



Innovative Factory

Innovation is the inevitable way towards transformation, also the way for flexible packaging manufacturers to gain an advantage position in the industry chain. 

Automatic Manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing equipment to achieve higher efficiency, which contributes to higher profits.



Sustainable Development

There’s an increasing demand for sustainable raw materials including functional film (high barrier film), biodegradable film, plant-based film, and environmental protection ink and adhesive.


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