April , 2020  Dongguan, Guangdong

Why Visit?

5 Reasons to Visit SinoFlexPack South 2020  

1. Highly specialized

Founded in 2003 by Reed Exhibitions, SinoFlexPack South is one of the earliest professional exhibitions focusing on flexible packaging processing in Asia. SinoFlexPack South 2020 will inherit the core legacy and continue to take “flexible packaging” as the sole theme of the exhibition. The event does not involve any other fields and all the onsite events and forums are closely related to the theme- the processing and manufacturing of “flexible packaging”. The exhibition brings together all brands of suppliers within the flexible packaging industry, covering the whole processing chain of flexible packaging factories. The onsite events provide everything around flexible packaging, such as technology exchange, management experience sharing, market analysis, policy interpretation.

2. Gathering well-known brands to build a one-stop procurement platform

The exhibition will gather the world's well-known flexible packaging equipment and consumables suppliers to jointly display new technologies, new products, new materials and new solutions for pre-press, printing and post-press involved in flexible packaing manufacturing and create a one-stop procurement platform for all manufacturers, which greatly helps them to imporve procurement efficiency and reduct procurement costs.

3. A marvellous networking gathering for all flexible packgaing specialists

The exhibition will bring together all flexible packaging specialists along the entire industry chain: supplier, peers, and decision-makers from end-user enterprises. Reed invests significantly only to create a marvellous networking carnival, helping industry insiders to break interpersonal and cooperational barries and satisfying their demands of full range: information, trade, procurement, learning and business expansion.

4. Numerous onsite events help you grasp first-hand industry news

Flexible packaging industry forums, conferences and other onsite activities will invite authoritative experts at home and abroad to take you through the frontier trends of flexible packaging manufacturing, policy insights and technical bottlenecks, and more  world-renowned business managers to  share their experience of successful management, as well as their way to reduce operation cost, impove product quality and sharpen corporate edges.

5. 5-in-1 Mega Expo, 1 Pass, 4 Gains

1). Visit  SinoFlexPack South 2020, learn about the frontier technology information, state of the art equipment and personalized solutions of all types within flexible packaging industry;

2). Visit China Packaging Container Expo 2020, explore new flexible package products from peers at home and abroad to deepen understanding of industry development trends;

3). Visit China Packaging Container Expo 2020, communicate with a lot of end-user brand buyers at zero distance, expand networking circle and discover business opportunities;

4). Visit  SinoCorrugated South 2020, SinoFoldingCarton 2020 and SinoPaper South 2020, get an idea of the technical processes related to paper packaging, which gives  insights on providing integrated packaging solutions and enhance core competitiveness.


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